Picnic to get a rest

What to take on a picnic to get a rest

Tasty food and drinks, interesting entertainment and important little things.

What kind of food to take on a picnic

It’s getting a lot better outdoors. So a good table can be set with the most common products.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs

In the warmest season of the year, the picnic season, there’s plenty of them, luckily. Don’t forget to wash your food at home.

But it is better to cut them on the spot so that they do not lose their freshness. Make fruit and vegetable plates or salads. And if you want to, you can create something original.

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Be sure to take the potatoes with you and bake them in ash, as in childhood. Nothing compares to this dish.

Meat products, eggs and cheese

Many people associate outdoor activities with barbecue. Just don’t buy pickled meat, because spices and vinegar can hide a hard, stale product. It is better to do everything yourself.

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If you don’t want to mess with the kebab, take a regular sausage, sausage or sausage and fry it on skewers or a grill. Tasty, fast and very simple.

Boiled eggs or hard cheese can be eaten pure, put on sandwiches or sliced into salad.

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Bread and other baked goods

They’re indispensable, especially if you’re planning a hot meal. Bread should be sliced in advance so that sandwiches can be prepared quickly in nature.

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Canned food

Fish canned food can be used to make nourishing, aromatic soup. And vegetables, such as peas, corn or beans, are suitable for salads or as a side dish.

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Sauce and seasoning

Ketchup is useful for fried meat and mayonnaise or vegetable oil for salads. Don’t forget about salt and sugar.

What drinks to take on a picnic

First of all, take care of drinking water with or without gas. For a large company, take a bigger bottle to make sure you have enough for everyone.

If you are planning a holiday with alcohol, beer or wine is best. Cold foamy drink can quench your thirst, and wine can set off the taste of prepared dishes.

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For non-alcoholic gatherings you can buy ready-made juice or lemonade or make your own drinks.

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And don’t forget your tea or coffee. They can be prepared in advance and brought in a thermos or brewed in the countryside, if you make a fire.

How to carry groceries on a picnic

If you’re not too far away from home, you can carefully arrange all the food in bags or plastic containers.

Lovers of aesthetics and beautiful photos can use wicker baskets. Even the usual old one will look original and appropriate. But you can buy a special one with a set of beautiful dishes.

These baskets usually have a thermal separation. This is very convenient if you need to keep food or drinks hot or cold. Here are a few convenient options for individual thermo bags:

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What kind of things to take on a picnic

This list will keep you from forgetting the essentials.

Dishes and kitchen utensils

Plates, glasses and cutlery are better to choose plastic. And not necessarily disposable. These picnic sets will last a long time.

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Be sure to take the usual and can opener knives, corkscrew and ladle. If you cook at the stake, you will need a pot or pot.

A barbecue will be useful for making kebabs, although at least it can be made out of improvised means.

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Plaid or special furniture

I don’t think you’ll be comfortable sitting on the grass. So don’t forget to bring a dense blanket or a compact plaid with you. And if you want home comfort in the countryside as well, a set of folding furniture will come to your aid.

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Insect repellents

Itchy bites can darken any vacation. Sprays, creams, special spirals or folk remedies can help to get rid of insects.

First aid kit

In case you’re still bitten by mosquitoes or injured in some way. First aid fundraising is especially important for those who are resting with children.

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All sorts of little things.

This includes wet wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags and matches. If the picnic is going to be long or you plan to spend the night in the countryside, take warm clothes with you.

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How to arrange a picnic place

If you want to enjoy nature, food and company first, you don’t have to worry about decorating the place. All you have to do is spread out a blanket, put up folding furniture or set up a tent.

But if you want to remember this picnic for a long time and capture the rest on camera, it is worth thinking about the design of the chosen place.