Winter Activities

Best outdoor winter activities

Winter is a beautiful time of year! The capital of Ukraine, painted with winter colors and studded with sparkling jewelry, will give Kiev citizens and guests of our city a lot of truly winter entertainment. Dress up warmer, charge up in a good mood – and go for adventure!

Skis and Snowboards: Best Locations

Do you think you have to go to Bukovel to ski? No, because in Kiev and its surroundings there are great places to stretch in front of the high mountains and put kids on skis. And even if the slopes are not complicated, but you are guaranteed to enjoy the slopes!

Protasov Yar

This hill is located very close to the city center, and this is its advantage. The complex offers to all comers:

  • Two slopes, for beginners and more experienced skiers.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Boogie lifts (single 275 m. double 320 m).
  • Areas for rest.
  • Ski schools for kids and adults.

The complex works both on weekdays and weekends, and also here you can ride at night! The cost varies depending on the time and duration of the visit, there are good season tickets and ski passes.


The Vyshgora complex has been operating for ten years, offering an excellent combination of active, family and romantic holidays. There is not only a 200 m long ski slope, but also a slope for extreme skiers who prefer snow tubing.

For regular visitors of the complex it is more profitable to buy season tickets, but there are other formats of payment for downhill skiing and skiing. In Vyshgorod there is also night skiing, which guarantees an unforgettable experience!

You can come here without any equipment – the complex has a rental of everything, including helmets and glasses.

Nails: a new place for skiers

Another complex is located in Vasilkovsky district near the capital. Three slopes – 220 m, 200 m and 50 m (for beginners and children) are ready to receive beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Two lifts – a multi-lift and a rope tow lift – allow to avoid queues. Children under 7 years old are welcome here and are offered free skiing.

All three complexes will give unforgettable impressions, and after the ride you can have a snack or lunch in restaurants or snack bars. There is also all the necessary infrastructure.

Ice rinks in the capital

Skating is a traditional winter entertainment for Kyivans. Where you can go skating today:

Ice stadium. This building has been rented to Kievers since the Soviet times, and not only figured skates but also hockey and cross-country skates can be rented here. A huge stadium, which once hosted serious competitions, is now the base of the Skating Federation.

Everyone can skate here on weekdays and weekends, but there is an ice rink only in freezing temperatures outside. There are equipment rentals and cafeterias.

VDNH. The Zimova Krajina (Zimova Krajina) project, which opened on the territory of the exhibition complex a few years ago, offers an excellent skating rink with Christmas spruce in the middle. It is quite large in size, but it can accommodate all comers. There is a skate rental, warm locker rooms and a food court.

A small skating rink has been opened on the main square of the country near the conservatory for several years already with the arrival of the New Year holidays. There is not much space, but those who want to go skating can rent skates and enjoy the winter entertainment in the surroundings of lights and the atmosphere of the holiday.

Starting from December 19, Troitskaya, Mikhailovskaya and Kontraktova squares are opening ice rinks for Kiev citizens and guests of the city. They are designed for family and romantic skiing, for a pleasant stay. There are a lot of interesting places to eat after an active rest.

Kiev citizens are also promised to equip ice rinks in sleeping areas – Kharkiv and Troyeshchyna, in two large city parks, on sports grounds. All the ice rinks, except for the Ice Stadium, are intended for amateurs and not for sportsmen. The cost of skate rental is available to everyone.

Sledges: Kiev slides

Sledding is a fun winter activity for adults and children. For a long time such skating has been arranged on the Kiev slopes, that’s why even now, when winter has finally entered into its rights, in the capital city there will be tracks for sledging of different complexity level.

The first in the list will be the Protasov Yar ski resorts. “Vyshhora” and “Nails” will offer active recreation lovers slopes from which you can have fun and go down quickly in small or large sleigh, flat plates, ice floats, inflatable circles and even snowmobiles. The choice is yours!

Kiev is a city located on the hills, that’s why there are luge slopes almost everywhere. The most popular of them are in front of you:

Obolonskaya embankment. Concrete gentle walls act as slides in winter, and there is enough space for everyone!

City parks and complexes – Goloseevsky named after M.V. Lomonosov – are located in the city’s parks and complexes. Rylsky Park, Partisan Glory Park, Fomin Botsad (more than 15 slides for children and adults), Nivki Park, Batiyeva Gora, Park of Glory and Feofaniya – places for skiing for all tastes.

A new object in the list of winter ones – the Singing field – stands apart as well. This year on the territory of the complex opens “Ice Age” – a park of winter entertainment for all Kiev citizens and guests of the city.

There are only six slides, three of which are 70 m long for adults only and three more (30 m each) for children, and in addition, a contact zoo with funny puppies of Husky and Malamute, samodas and likes and perhaps the most desirable place for boys and girls – the residence of Santa Claus!

The entrance ticket costs 50 UAH and already includes one descent from any snow slide.

Are you still at home? And for nothing! Choose the appropriate clothes, wear hats and mittens – and return to your carefree childhood, when skating, skiing or sledding brought a lot of positive emotions!