How important is physical fitness for surfing?

Surfing is fun and it’s supposed to be fun. It’s a great sport. However, if you are not in good physical condition, you will end up disappointed and will not have fun. First of all, if you are not in good shape to paddle, you will have difficulty paddling through the waves to get to the point where you can start catching waves. Rowing to the best point in the lineup to catch waves can range from fifty yards to four hundred yards. If you’re exhausted when you go out in the lineup, you’ll have to have a good time resting instead of catching waves. You probably won’t even get out of here.

Some of you will be so out of it that you won’t be able to get through the incoming surf and will be forced to turn around and return to the beach where you started. That does not sound like a successful day of surfing.

I was once told that “sofa chips don’t make it to surf. That makes a lot of sense. This probably applies more to part-time surfers because many surfers surf all year round. However, even throughout the year surfers have to keep training to realize their full potential for a good surfing experience every time they go out.

Surfers need to be motivated and stay in good physical condition because you know that when good surf comes you will be ready. What this means is that when there are days and sometimes weeks without surfing, you need to stay in the gym lifting weights, stretching, working on your core muscles and doing your cardiovascular workout.

A good way to stay in good physical condition is to have a training partner. Ideally, your training partner should be one of your surf buddies and you can motivate each other. If you get bored with the gym, go to the nearest water body and paddle and run. This will keep your shoulders and cardiovascular system in shape as long as you spend at least half an hour paddling on your surfboard, paddleboard or SUP. Don’t take the easy way out. Stay disciplined.

I think all of you should find something that inspires you to stay in shape so that when the good waves arrive they are ready. Personally, my inspiration is to think of getting into the water with good waves to surf and then surf like a champion. For some of you, your inspiration may be the motivation to compete with your fellow surfers and your desire to be better than you are. For others of you, the inspiration is to watch surf movies and imagine that you are riding the waves. Then there are others who just want to make sure they are in good physical condition and that’s what they do, they stay in good condition all year round.

Another very important aspect for your success in surfing is the food you eat and the dream you get. Good food and lots of sleep are essential. A healthy diet will ensure that you keep your weight under control, keeping your fat low and your muscles in good shape. Eight hours of sleep are recommended so that your body has the opportunity to recover from the activities of the previous days and prepare for the next day of good surfing. You need these two elements to make sure you are in good physical condition for your fun and success in surfing.

A simple recommendation I will give you is to eliminate sugar, processed foods and wheat from your daily food intake. Physically, you can do chest and shoulder exercises along with cardiovascular settings and exercises.

Keep in mind that your physical condition is a very important, if not the most important, part of surfing. If you ignore staying in shape, you won’t enjoy one of the best sports in the world. It’ll become a monotonous job, and eventually you’ll return to the couch or some other activity that has nothing to do with the fun you’d have if you were surfing.

No matter what sport you practice, you have to be in good physical condition. Another thing is that you also have to be in good mental condition. If you know you’re going to surf and that you’re going to be exhausted from rowing before surfing, your mental approach to surfing will be bad. You need to be excited every time you surf. Being in good physical condition, having good surfing waves and having a good mental attitude will make your surfing session a fantastic experience. You’ll be thrilled!

There are a couple of other things that need to be treated that have to do with your physical condition. They are stretching and hydration. You need to be agile and all stretched. It’s important that you stretch your whole body every day, especially before you go surfing.

Keeping your body hydrated is also very important. Your body has about 66% water. You have to keep the water level high.

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